“When we started planning our wedding, we knew one thing for sure- we wanted a unique ceremony that reflected both of our true selves and we knew we wanted to be involved in co-creating it with someone special. We mentioned this to our friend Samantha, who immediately recommended that we get in touch with Norma from One Heart Personalized Ceremonies. We were interested immediately as we knew Samantha had an understanding of what we had in mind.”

“Upon meeting Norma, we knew instantly that she was going to be our officiant. Her warmth and inviting presence made us feel at ease and open to sharing what was in our hearts. Norma made sure to get to know us well. She then kept us updated via email and Skype throughout the process leading up to our wedding day.  Together we had a great exchange of ideas; she is creative and makes wise suggestions. Norma incorporated all of our ideas and ran all of her ideas by us before finalizing anything. There was never a shred of judgment or negativity from Norma. She accepted us for who we are from day one and throughout every interaction we had.”

“We had some reservations about having a non-traditional, non-religious ceremony being that we were both raised Catholic and no longer practice. Norma assured us that our ceremony would be sacred and heartfelt.  She couldn’t have been more right. Our guests were blown away by our ceremony. We received so much feedback during our cocktail hour, reception, and for months to come. The ceremony was emotional yet lighthearted, warm, unique, funny, and authentic. Most importantly, it exceeded our expectations and revealed our true nature and love to every person in attendance.

“To be very honest, Norma’s ceremony did more than bind our love in front of all of our loved ones. Norma taught us so much about ourselves and reflected our wishes. We learned the value of communication and compromise. We learned that when you truly speak from your heart, people respond to that by opening their hearts.”

“We are so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Norma from One Heart Personalized Ceremonies. We highly recommend hiring her to create and lead your ceremony too.”

Sana & Michael McCarthy