Things I looked for when booking:

1. Rest-assured that you were qualified and seasoned
2. Good personality
3. Customized ceremony tailored to us
4. Within budget
5. Took the time to get to know us (face to face meetings in addition to phone, email)

You Exceeded Expectations:

1. Hearing your completed ceremony in our final meeting (this really put me at ease, had I not heard the ceremony beforehand, I would have been a happy blubbering crying mess at the alter the day of). Hearing the ceremony beforehand allowed me to relax and enjoy the moment with my husband.

2. We loved how you gave us our own moment of “deep breath” and “enjoy this moment” the second we were joined at the alter. I will always remember that!

3. So happy you asked and reminded us to take a photo of the 3 of us together!!

4. Loved having you and your wife join us for cocktail hour. Our family and friends enjoyed getting to speak with you after. We heard such great feedback from our ceremony, and even gave a referral.

5. Marriage license filing taken care of for us. Often, an overlooked aspect of planning, you made it seamless and worry-free.

6. FDNY Discount – was so considerate of you. We greatly appreciated that and were happy to find fire fighting in common.

Many thanks,

Katie and Dan